Additional Materials

Additional Materials are available for the owners of our hardcover or paperback editions. One-year subscription, starting on the date of purchase (or the go-live date if the book was purchased before the go-live date), is included with a purchase of a new book from an authorized retailer. The consecutive access will be available for a nominal yearly subscription fee.

Tentative Upcoming Schedule

Date Title Type Comments
TBA The new go-live date! You will be able to create and manage your online account. Please note that a proof of purchase is required to register and must include the information that is usually found on a receipt: your name, the edition purchased, the amount paid, the retailer name, and the date of purchase.
Introductory Textual Analysis Text The introductory textual analysis for each character of The Seagull will be accessible after the successful login.
. . . Audio The musical composition by Pyotr Tchaikovsky to listen before each reading of our translation of The Seagull to establish the proper atmosphere, rhythm, and mood.
TBA Introduction to The Seagull Video
. . . Audio The song mentioned on pages 18 and 138.
TBA Introduction to ARKADINA Video
. . . Audio The song mentioned on pages 44 and 51.
TBA Introduction to TREPLEV Video
. . . Audio The song mentioned on page 13.
TBA Introduction to SORIN Video
. . . Audio The song mentioned on page 17.
TBA Introduction to NINA Video
. . . Audio The song mentioned on page 110.
TBA Introduction to SHAMRAYEV Video
TBA Introduction to POLINA ANDREYEVNA Video
TBA Introduction to MASHA Video
TBA Introduction to TRIGORIN Video
TBA Introduction to DORN Video
TBA Introduction to MEDVEDENKO Video
TBA Is The Seagull a comedy? Video